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yoga-on-a-planeOn just about any flight you’ve ever taken, the scene on the jetway as you and your fellow passengers deplane is a familiar one – everyone doing a Frankenstein-esque walk as they try to shake off the stiffness of several hours jammed into their airplane seat. For most travelers, it’s just the price of air travel, an unavoidable aspect of the experience. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. The New York Times’ Stephanie Rosenbloom writes this week about sneaking in some inflight yoga poses to keep your blood flowing and your muscles and joints loose. Even simple poses like wrapping your arms around yourself for a “hug” or twisting your torso in your seat can help to alleviate the pain and stiffness of a long flight.

If yoga doesn’t completely alleviate the pain of planes, The Telegraph’s Suzi Dixon has some inexpensive remedies that can help you avoid sickness and stress while traveling.

The Avian Flu epidemic in China continues to percolate. Reuters’ Kate Kelland reports that this week, scientists at the World Health Organization held a news conference at which they called H7N9 flu a serious threat to world health. Keep paying attention to this. So far, this strain of the flu has killed 24 people and infected 125.

World Malaria Day is just past. At Expat Health, Bryony Ashcroft reports on the fight to control malaria around the world.

We told you a while back about Europe’s apparent proclivity for eating horsemeat. Well, if you head to China, the New York Times’ Chris Buckley wants to be sure you’re aware that some diners are passing off rat meat as lamb.

Are the days of businesspeople lugging laptops disappearing? Not exactly. But USA Today’s Barbara DeLollis reports that a new study shows that business travelers are increasingly leaving the big laptop at home and bringing a more mobile tablet. That’s causing hotel executives some concern, because rather than equipping hotel rooms with ports for laptops, they’re getting more requests for WiFi – something they aren’t prepared to offer.

Love to travel but scared to be 30,000 feet in the air? CNN’s Katia Hetter offers five facts that should calm your fear of flying.

And if you are afraid to fly, you probably don’t want to even read about Richard Branson’s spaceship. Yes, spaceship. The BBC’s Jonathan Amos reports that Branson’s company Virgin Galactic just tested “SpaceShipTwo,” which was dropped from a carrier aircraft and attained several seconds of supersonic powered flight. Interested in being on the first commercial space flight? Tickets are going fast… even though they cost about $200-thousand.

And at Gadling, Chris Owen reports that a Scottish airliner almost flew into a “UFO.” Maybe it was Branson’s spaceship?


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