Traveling to Turkey (and the Rest of the Week in Travel and Health)


An injured journalist is filmed and helped by his colleagues during clashes between riot police and May Day protesters in central IstanbulIf you’ve paid any attention at all to the news this week, you know these are interesting –and dangerous – days in the Turkish capital of Istanbul. What started as a small peaceful protest erupted into a violent police crackdown and became international news. If you’re scheduled to travel to Turkey or were just considering it, now you’re likely wondering whether it’s smart to go. Conde Nast Traveler’s Wendy Perrin advises travelers that as long as you’re aware of your surroundings, it’s probably safe to visit Istanbul. Al Arabiya reports that Turkish tourism has taken a hit, but tourists don’t seem too concerned. And Entrepreneur’s Diana Ransom reports on how she navigated Istanbul this past week.

A couple months ago, the TSA announced that airline passengers would soon be allowed to carry small knives on board, which seemed both pointless and stupid. Politico’s Kathryn Wolfe reports that, in the face of a deluge of criticism, the TSA has now scrapped the idea.

As we enter the summer vacation season, you’re likely dreaming of unplugging and getting away from it all. But will you really do that? Will you really leave work completely behind? On LinkedIn, Microsoft’s Danah Boyd advises you to really get away – take a sabbatical from your email.

Of course, while you’re away, technology will likely play a role in your trip – there’s no escaping it. Nor would you really want to. The New York Times’ Stephanie Rosenbloom reports on some of the super cool advances in technology that make our travels easier.

At USA Today, Bill McGee is a little whiny. He’s not happy with increasingly jam-packed airplanes, which certainly makes for a less comfortable trip and can raise stress levels.

You know what can soothe that in-the-air stress? A nice can of wine. Oh wait, maybe that’s not a good idea. Regardless, Jaunted reports that Spirit Airlines is now selling cans of wine.

Perhaps a better way to relieve stress would be a nice, relaxing massage. More and more, airports are establishing fairly high-end spas for travelers. At CNN, Emily Sloley reports on the world’s best airport spas.

Let’s be honest – gastric distress is an issue for a lot of travelers.  Lack of sleep, adventurous cuisine and perhaps a little too much nightlife leaves plenty of us feeling less than our best when we’re traveling. And that means bathrooms can become important. At the Wall Street Journal, renowned author Jeffrey Deaver proves a glimpse of his very impressive catalog of the globe’s greatest restrooms.

No secret here – Europe is home to many of the world’s greatest tourist attractions. However it’s also home. At USA Today, Caroline Morse looks at 10 very strange European tourist attractions.


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