FAA Chills Out on In-Flight Devices


For frequent fliers, the announcement from the FAA ranks right up there with the greatest pronouncements in the history of man – soon, you won’t have to power down your devices as your plane takes off or lands. Yes!

Courtesy: Business2Community.com
Courtesy: Business2Community.com

This week, the Federal Aviation Administration released new rules expanding the use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) on planes. The change lifts the ban on use during takeoff and landing. You’ll now be able to read your tablet, listen to your music and play your games whenever you’re on the plane, whether it’s on the ground or in the air.

You still can’t send email or text messages from your mobile phone.

As someone who reads books on an iPad, I’m happy. No, this isn’t life altering, but it always felt silly to stop reading for 20 minutes, just cuz. I figured it was their way of getting me to browse SkyMall.


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