Top Tips for Flying with Your Baby


Ah, your little bundle of joy. While your baby is the light of your life, he or she may strike dread into the hearts of your fellow passengers if you’re not well prepared for your flight. Like flying with a toddler, your trip with your infant will be much more enjoyable and stress free if you take a few steps to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Follow these expert tips before and during your trip.

The TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule Does Not Apply

The TSA’s 3-1-1 rule is an easy way to remember what you can bring when it comes to liquids and air travel. You’re limited to 3.4-ounces of liquid in any one bottle, all liquids must fit in a quart-sized zip-top plastic bag, and every passenger can bring one bag.

Unless you’re traveling with food for your infant or toddler, in which case those rules are more relaxed. You may bring enough formula, breast milk, or juice to feed your child on the flight. You should inform the TSA agent if you are traveling with more than 3.4 ounces. You’ll likely be asked to have the liquid screened via x-ray – which is perfectly safe.

Dress Simply and Travel Light 

Babies require a lot of infrastructure: clothing, strollers, car seats, toys, bottles, etc. The more you can streamline these items on your trip, the easier it will be. Keep in mind that you will not ever be separated from your baby when going through security. However, you may be required to remove her from a carrier or sling if you’re wearing one.

You will also be required to remove your shoes, belts, bulky jewelry, and anything in your pockets, which can be tough while holding a baby. Simplify your outfit as much as possible.

Umbrella strollers are also a great option since they are light, maneuverable, and fold down relatively small for the flight and taxi.

Prepare for Mid-Air Diaper Changes

Babies go through a lot of diapers – A LOT. The airplane bathroom is small at best, and most don’t have a changing table. While it may be tempting to change your baby on the empty seat next to you, it won’t be a welcome sight or smell for other passengers.

If you need to change your baby’s diaper, your best option is to sit on the bathroom toilet with your changing pad and baby on your lap. This will provide the most possible room and also allow you to brace yourself and your baby if there is turbulence.

Avoid Ear Pain

Just like you, your infant will experience pain and pressure during takeoff, landing, and other times during the flight. If you’re feeling sensations in your ears, they are, too.

It’s impossible to have your baby yawn on cue or chew gum to combat the problem, but a pacifier or empty sippy cup can do the same thing. Keep it at the ready for those high-pressure situations.

Embrace the Crying

It’s inevitable. At some point, your baby will probably cry on the flight. When it happens, don’t stress yourself out, since it will only make things worse.

Do what you can to soothe your child and let the crying episode run its course. Many of your fellow passengers are parents, too. Most people will understand, even if they find the noise irritating.

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