How to Get Kids to Keep the Bathroom Clean


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Whether your home is full of little kids who love bathtime or tweens and teens who’ve suddenly started hogging the bathroom to get ready in the mornings, your kids are old enough to start helping out with cleaning the shower, tub, and toilet. It can be as simple as putting toys away and hanging up towels – but the sooner you start, the better.


  1. Begin with the Basics
  2. Hang Up the Towels
  3. Clean as You Go
  4. Turn up the Tunes

Begin with the Basics

Start early with simple bathroom tidying. Toddlers can put toys back in a basket after bath time, and little kids can use a rag to wipe up splashes. Older kids can learn to spray down the toilet and sink, and spritz the shower after they get out.

Hang Up the Towels

One of the worst things to see in a bathroom is wet towels on the floor. They start to smell funky if they aren’t hung up to dry — and who wants to put something that’s been on the floor on their freshly-bathed body? When you’re teaching your kids to keep the bathroom clean, hanging up the towels and bathmat should be first on the list.

Clean as You Go

Teaching your kids to clean as they go in any room is a great lifetime cleaning habit to instill. Help them wipe up spilled water, toothpaste and soap when they’re done brushing their teeth. Let them know that if gunk and spills are left to sit, the clean-up with be a lot worse (you may need to let this happen to demonstrate).

Turn up the Tunes

Music makes everything more fun! Put together an upbeat playlist of the kids’ favorite tunes, with few of your favorites mixed in, to keep the energy up while you’re doing a deep clean. Give everyone a job and work together to tackle all the tasks quickly.

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