Sumptuous shindig


Sumptuous shindig

There’s no better way to celebrate flip-flop season than to gather up some friends and family in your backyard and feed them well. After all, food just tastes better when enjoyed in the great outdoors.
But a common struggle for party hosts is how to serve sophisticated dishes that don’t require spending more time slaving over the stove or grill than mingling with guests in the sunshine. The key is to turn to recipes that are an irresistible matchup of great flavours and ease of party-day preparation.
You can take your outdoor get-together up a gastronomic notch and stress less with these largely make-ahead sumptuous dishes that are a step up from dips and hamburgers. And you’ll get bonus points because your spread is also full of nutritional powerhouses. Get ready for the perfect Insta post.

Roasted Olive Oil Tomatoes

Flank Steak with Freekeh and Zhoug Sauce  

Grilled Ratatouille Lentil Salad

Almond Cookie Tart with Raspberry Fool 

Almond Cookie Tart with Raspberry Fool
Matthew Kadey, MSc, RD, is a dietitian, nutrition writer, and recipe developer. He is also the author of Rocket Fuel (VeloPress, 2016) and Muffin Tin Chef (Ulysses Press, 2012).


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