Clean Habits: Secrets to Managing Your Cleaning Workload


Cleaning your home just got easier.\”Cleaning your home just got easier.\”Cleaning your home just got easier.iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Keeping on top of housecleaning – floors, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and dusting (argh!) – can take a toll on any busy person. Fear not! We’ve found all the secret habits people with clean homes use to always keep things looking neat and tidy. Just follow these tips and you’ll have the cleanest home on the block in no time!


  1. Clean as You Go
  2. Don’t Let Clutter Accumulate
  3. Tackle One Room or Project at a Time
  4. Make Your Bed and Straighten the Couch
  5. Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

Clean as You Go

Whatever household task you’re in the middle of – making dinner, doing laundry, taking a shower – clean people know you should keep on top of the mess as you go. Rinse pots and pans and put them in the dishwasher, wipe down counters, put things back where they belong, and before long you’ll notice a real, ongoing dent in big cleaning.

Don’t Let Clutter Accumulate

Stacks of papers, piles of clean clothes, recycling headed for the bin – all attract dust (and more junk). Once you stack a few things, it’s easy to just keep going. Don’t let stacks start, and if they do, tackle them once a week – put bills away, throw out old magazines, go through piles of clothes and donate them or put them away.

Tackle One Room or Project at a Time

When you’re tackling a major room cleaning (or closet, garage, basement, etc.), keep your focus on the task at hand. Have a bag or basket handy and put everything that doesn’t belong in that space in the bag. Dust first, and then clean the floors. Then go through the bag and put everything away in other parts of the house (or in the trash).

Make Your Bed and Straighten the Couch

Make these your top habits. The easiest way to set a habit is to piggyback it on another habit, so every morning after you get dressed, before make breakfast and while the coffee is brewing, make the bed and tidy your main living areas. Even if you have a little dust, a made bed and a couch without clutter will create a tidier feel in your home.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

We’re not talking about a vacuum cleaner in every room, but having a small stash of supplies in the messier parts of the house makes sense. Keep a box of rags and counter spray in every bathroom, wood cleaning wipes in the great room (stashed behind the TV) and dust cloths in the bedrooms. Make it easy on yourself!

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