Electric DeLorean teased for August reveal, the first of an all-EV brand reviving a familiar name


DeLorean Motor Company on Monday confirmed an August 18 reveal date for its all-electric successor to the DeLorean DMC-12 sports car.

The reveal will take place at the Awards Ramp at the Pebble Beach Concours D\’Elegance, and the prototype vehicle will be displayed at the Pebble Beach Concept Lawn on August 21, DeLorean said in a press release. Along with the reveal, DeLorean will announce the name of its EV, which isn\’t expected to carry the DMC-12 nomenclature.

Today\’s DeLorean Motor Company incorporated in Delaware on February 28 of this year, but aims to revive the name John DeLorean used to launch the DMC-12 in the late 1970s on new vehicles.

DeLorean teaser

The company has said its new EV sports car will be a driver\’s car, not a time capsule—and the first of what could be a full lineup of electric vehicles.

A teaser image released with Monday\’s announcement certainly indicates that. There isn\’t a trace of DMC-12 styling to be found. However, a previous teaser hinted that the new DeLorean EV will retain the DMC-12\’s signature Gullwing doors. DeLorean has also confirmed that Italdesign, which styled the DMC-12 will, be responsible for the design and some of the engineering of the DeLorean EV.

1981 DeLorean DMC-12

This is an entirely different approach than what was proposed in 2021, when the revived DeLorean brand discussed building what were essentially DMC-12 replicas with electric powertrains, at low volume, taking advantage of new legislation eliminating red tape for replica builders.

That was the product of a DMC-12 revival that started in 2012, which included some intriguing footage showing how an electric DeLorean would drive.

With a braintrust behind the fortified company including people from Tesla and Karma, the new EV now promises to offer more than \”Back to the Future\” nostalgia. Will this be what DeLorean needs to relaunch?


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