How to Clean Lime from Windows and Other Surfaces


Keep lime away from your windows and other surfaces with these helpful tips.\”Keep lime away from your windows and other surfaces with these helpful tips.\”Keep lime away from your windows and other surfaces with these helpful tips.iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Lime spots from hard water can show up on just about any surface in your bathroom — glass, porcelain, enamel, tiles, and stainless steel (among others). But getting rid of those ugly marks isn’t usually too difficult, especially if you make it part of your regular cleaning routine. Read on to find out how to remove lime spots and leave your bathroom sparkling.


  1. Gentle Cleaning
  2. Deep Cleaning
  3. All-Purpose Cleaning
  4. Glass Cleaning

Gentle Cleaning

For surfaces requiring gentle cleaning, like porcelain or windows, cleaning lime stains is easy. Mix a few tablespoons of dish soap with some warm water. Work up some suds and sponge down gently. If you’re cleaning porcelain, you can just wipe off the soap mix with more water. For windows, wipe off the soap and then follow with a window cleaner and a dry cloth.

Deep Cleaning

For surfaces that require a deeper clean, like tiles, make a paste of white vinegar and baking soda. Apply to the stain with a rag or paper towel, and let sit for a few minutes. Wipe off with a wet cloth, making sure to remove all of the paste. The stain should be gone, but if not, apply the paste again and leave for a few minutes longer. Wipe down again.

All-Purpose Cleaning

Believe it or not, many all-purpose kitchen and bath cleaners are incredibly tough on hard water spots. Just spray it on where you see the stains – on the fixtures or tile – and then wipe down with a wet sponge. If you have hard water these spots will return, but they’re easy to remove if you clean regularly.

Glass Cleaning

Another way to clean hard water stains off windows and mirrors is to wipe them down with a cloth you’ve dipped in white vinegar. This should eliminate any spots you see, and then you can follow up with a cloth to make sure there are no smears.

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