How To Keep Your Bathtub Clean With Little Effort


Keep your tub sparkling clean without breaking your back.\”Keep your tub sparkling clean without breaking your back.\”Keep your tub sparkling clean without breaking your back.iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Bathtub cleaning is a chore that everyone wants to avoid. While you can’t avoid giving the tub a good scrub forever, you can hold heavy cleaning at bay with some easy regular maintenance (we hesitate to even call these moves cleaning). So, follow these simple tips and you’ll have a sparkling tub without all the hard work.


  1. Always Rinse
  2. Get a Spray Bottle and Some White Vinegar
  3. Bath Scrubber
  4. Use a Scrub
  5. More Information

Always Rinse

When you’re done with your shower, or giving the kids a bath, rinse the whole tub down. Every time. Let the water run as you finish your shower – after you’re done rinsing off soap or shampoo from your body. And turn on the shower for 30 seconds after everyone is out of the tub. Take a quick look and make sure the water is running clear – no soap suds, bubbles or hair.

Get a Spray Bottle and Some White Vinegar

You could buy a major brand daily shower spray, but for a less toxic daily cleanser, buy an inexpensive spray bottle from a discount store and a cheap bottle of white vinegar. Get the store brand and save the splurge for something fun. Once or twice a week, post shower, spray the whole thing down, including the door or shower curtain, with the white vinegar, which is a natural cleanser.

Bath Scrubber

Also, get a shower and bath scrubber with a handle. After you spray down the shower, rub the vinegar into the grout, the corners of the tub and around the drain. This will really get into the grime and keep those areas clean and you won’t be on your knees every week dealing with gross built up gunk.

Use a Scrub

When you do tackle the big clean up, use a thick paste scrub. Squeeze it onto your sponge, not the tile or ceramic; you’ll get more mileage out of the cleanser as you hit those nooks and crannies. Run the shower for a few seconds before you start to loosen up the gunk, and make the full cleaning easier.

More Information

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