Used Jaguar I-Pace batteries are supporting Formula E racing


Jaguar is using repurposed batteries from I-Pace electric SUVs to support its Formula E racing program.

Used I-Pace form the basis for the Off-Grid Energy Storage System (ESS) developed by portable-generator company Pramac. Charged by solar panels, it uses cells from one-and-a-half I-Pace battery packs to provide a mobile source of power where grid electricity may not be available—such as a Formula E paddock.

Jaguar\’s Formula E team used the ESS during pre-season testing in the United Kingdom and Spain, according to a company press release. The batteries powered diagnostic equipment for the race cars, and provided auxiliary power for the team garage, according to Jaguar.

Jaguar I-Type 5 Formula E car and Pramac Off-Grid Energy Storage System


Further usage of mobile energy storage by the Formula E team is being considered, Jaguar said. Formula E uses temporary street circuits, so there are no permanent garages with grid-connected power supplies for teams to use. So it seems like a good use case.

The \”flagship\” version of Pramac\’s system has a 125 kwh of capacity, with AC charging capability of 22 kw for EVs, Jaguar noted.

The I-Pace itself got off to a slow sales start in the United States versus what had been hoped for. It was updated with a new interface and faster charging back in 2020—but those improvements were held for the U.S. until the 2022 model year.

Jaguar I-Pace and Pramac Off-Grid Energy Storage System

The I-Pace\’s laggy interface and inconsistent range have been our main issues with this model in early experiences, and we hope to follow up with it again soon.

Jaguar does at least offer an 8-year/100,000-mile battery warranty, guaranteeing a 70% state of charge. That anticipates battery degradation limits proposed by California. Once the battery pack is no longer usable for automotive or energy-storage applications, Jaguar claims it\’s 95% recyclable.

Upcoming Jaguar EVs will be built off a new, \”bespoke\” platform called Panthera. This aims to give Jaguar a unique design language, and marks a shift in direction from the cancelled electric XJ sedan.


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